We are a passionate team with a drive to change how new homes and communities are built

Kitty Colbjørnsen Aarseth
t: +47 936 48 384
e: kca@parallelo.io

Kitty has extensive experience as an Architect and Project Manager for large scale urban housing projects. She also has extensive experience of BIM development with ISO/CEN standardization on a government level from her time at Statsbygg.  

As our CEO, Kitty is leading our mission to radically change how architects and developers design new homes and communities - always excited for the next step and the next meeting.

Catho Bjerkseter
t: +47 469 65 865
e: cb@parallelo.io

With strong expertise in statistics, mathematics and programming, Catho has acquired extensive knowledge in developing tools to increase the efficiency of solving demanding tasks.

Catho is our head of Technology and the mastermind behind the Parallelo parameter software. He has an elegant way of designing computer workflow to foresee the next step of development.

Dorotea Nenadovic
Master of Architecture
t: +47 482 95 535
e: dn@parallelo.io

Having drawn over 500 apartments, Dorotea has worked up a substantial experience and thorough understanding of what it takes to achieve the full potential and best housing quality out of every given plot.

Dorotea is the rule maker at Parallelo, meaning she defines the parameters our software bases its suggestions on.

She is also responsible for our slick user interface. Being an architect herself, she is in the best position to
know what excellent looks like for our clients.

Rickard Eklund
Parametric Design Developer
t: 988 14 248
e: re@parallelo.io

With a great span of experience in different BIM software and BIM workflows, Rickard has the perfect skillset for any complex BIM-related task. 

Rickard is therefore our expert in workflowbetween different software solutions. Export and import of data.