We maximize the commercial potential of large, urban housing projects.

The mission

As the world prepares to make room for another two billion people living in and around our cities, sustainable urban development becomes one of the greatest challenges of our time.

The process of identifying the optimal room solutions in large housing projects is an extremely complex task as it involves choosing between millions of unique combinations where small changes to one parameter can significantly impact the final solution - making it an impossible task for the human brain to process all possible alternatives.

When this work is done manually, like today, the number of alternative solutions the architect can realistically present is limited. The developer needs to trust the subjective assessments and the individual expertise of the architect, rather than objective facts. Collaboration in projects is slow since the architect needs to go back and sketch and test new solutions even if the proposed changes are only small adjustments.

As a consequence, developers often have to accept solutions that do not fulfill their commercial potential. Consumers move into apartments that do not entirely fit their needs. And as a society we waste valuable land area on inefficient building sites.

We believe there is another way.

The tech

We have gathered some of the world's sharpest residential architects and paired them with savvy technologists.

Together we have developed a software that quickly sources, analyzes and illustrates the optimal combination of apartments and room solutions in large, urban housing projects.

This means that work that previously required days - even weeks of hard work - can now be done in minutes.

The value

True collaboration
Since new room solutions can be generated in seconds, architects and developers are given freedom to experiment and can work more closely together in exploring and tuning different solutions
Maximized commercial potential
We analyze millions of unique combinations in order to find the room solution that maximizes gross-to-net ratio and the commercial potential of the site
Full transparency and control
We ensure that key metrics are up to date at all times, meaning decisions can be made objectively based on factors such as utilization rate, material costs, apartment composition, and so on